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Popcorn sounds like fun!

Farmer’s now a days are always looking for ways to diversify their operation. So, after some thought, we put a plan in place.

We decided to plant our first field of popcorn at our home base “The Shop Field”.

On a warm June morning, out came the John Deere 8-row box planter and in went the seed. After a few rounds in the tractor 5 acres of yellow popcorn was nestled at just the right depth waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing.

Before long, it was up and growing strong. We were all getting excited about this new venture and there was lots of chatter about harvesting, packaging and marketing.

So, to make this unique we decided to leave it right on the cob! Although this is not a new thing, it would prove to be new to the Chatham Kent area. Our thoughts were, popping it right off the cob would not only be fun but would also add an educational element to the already popular snack.

This is a great opportunity to teach your children where popcorn comes from and the best part is you get to share it with them!

We look forward to growing different varieties and colours next year!

Having a “Barn Wedding”?

How about “popcorn on the cob” for your wedding favours – you just design the wrap!

He Popped the Question!

Looking for a creative engagement announcement? Share some popcorn with family and friends with your custom designed wrap.

Popping with Excitement?

Popcorn gifts are the perfect way to share your baby announcement! Ask us how today!